Reviews for Almost a Bride (book 1, Turtleback Beach):

"Well-developed characters, a picture-perfect setting, family drama, intense action, a heartwarming romance, and turtles – this book has it all!" -
Still Moments Magazine, 5 starsfull review HERE

"There’s a lot to love about Almost a Bride: lovable animals, hidden secrets, necessary lies and a HEA that will leave you feeling all happy inside. It’s always gratifying to read a book by Rula Sinara because you’ll almost always learn something new and exciting about animals and preservation, and that alone makes her books worth the investment." - Cozy Nook Books, 4 stars, full review HERE 

"I loved this story and everything about it! Especially the grandmother character who was so deep and ‘alive’ even if she’s dead in the book. I’d give it 6 stars if I could. I couldn’t put it down." - Amazon review, 5 stars, full review HERE

Reviews for The Marine's Return (book 6, From Kenya, With Love):

"Compelling and emotionally gripping, The Marine’s Return concludes the epic six-book series that will live on in my memory and that I highly recommend. . . . Romance fans will be delighted with Chad and Lexi’s story, but The Marine’s Return is so much more than a typical romance. Sinara’s writing flows easily across the page, conveys rich and vivid characters and scenes, and captured me emotionally from the first page." - The Power of Words, full review HERE

"Another winner! . . . I love each story in the From Kenya…with Love series–not only do the characters feel like old friends (a feat that they manage even if you haven’t read all–or any–of the other series books) but the setting is absolutely amazing." - Becky on Books, 4 Stars, full review HERE

"With a touch of mystery, a second romance thread, and appearances from characters from the other books, Rula Sinara brings her series full circle while displaying the beauty and dangers of life in Africa." - Remembrancy, 4 Stars, full review HERE

"The Marine’s Return by Rula Sinara is fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters, the setting, and family....The story is filled with sharp minds, goodwill, and love. The characters were fascinating and stole my heart from the very beginning." - Baroness Book Trove, 5 Stars, full review HERE

"A great ending to the From Kenya, With Love series! With the final book in this eye-opening, emotional series, Rula Sinara brings back a familiar character, all grown up and facing the fight of a lifetime. The story line was quickly entrenched in emotions and intrigue, and watching Chad and Lexi connect was rewarding. Getting to catch up with so many of the past members of the series was a wonderfully fitting ending. Absolutely loved it and sorry to see the series end!" - Thoughts of a Blonde, 4 1/2 Stars, full review HERE

"Ms. Sinara does a great job of getting me invested into the characters right away." - Harlie's Books, 5 Stars, full review HERE

"This novel addresses some of the many sacrifices made by those in armed forces and their families. Additionally it address, illegal poaching, and the inner strength individuals fin within themselves. . . The characters feel very real and the background scenes are vividly portrayed in script. The reader will, truly, feel herself/himself connected to the characters and the African terrain." - Rockin' Book Reviews, 4 stars, full review HERE

"The Marine’s Return is so well written. I love the characters, and reading about the familiar characters from the other two books I read was so enjoyable. Chad and Lexi’s interactions are so much fun to read. In fact, you’re going to love how two other characters come together too! . . . I highly recommend The Marine’s Return because of the amazing characters, descriptive setting, exciting story line, and sweet romance." -Christy's Cozy CornerS, full review HERE

Reviews for The Twin Test (book 5, From Kenya, With Love):

"I highly recommend THE TWIN TEST by Rula Sinara for fans of romance in a setting that is bigger than the characters. This is suitable for anyone from teens to adults who loves the outdoors." - Fresh Fiction, full review HERE

"The location of the book, Kenya, is wonderful; the descriptions of the landscape and the wild animals are breathtaking and enhances the overall plot. Rula Sinara is a gifted author..." - Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 Stars, full review HERE

"Rula Sinara is an amazing storyteller who knows how to develop a convincing love story. The evolution of Dax and Pippa’s relationship was so beautifully orchestrated. Ms. Sinara is also very good at educating us about foreign affairs and unfamiliar cultures. I am always enlightened and fulfilled by her stories." - Cozy Nook Books, 5 Stars, full review HERE

"A fantastic read that brought me to another world. One where nature rules lives and love conquers loss and fear. I hope to return to Sinara’s Africa soon." - Remembrancy, 4.5 Stars, full review HERE

"I loved how Rula weaved this story for Pippa. She gave her a challenge and went with it. But my favourite is the twist at the end of the story. That is my favourite. It rocked." - Goodreads by Jo-Ann Elizabeth Toth, 4 Stars, full review HERE

Reviews for Every Serengeti Sunrise (book 4, From Kenya, With Love):

"This story pulled at my heartstrings. I loved so much about it—the rich descriptions of the Kenyan landscape with its sweeping views and wildlife all create an atmospheric quality that stimulates the imagination. The strong family dynamic that exists is endearing. I cried from both sad moments and happy ones. The intense ending had me an emotional mess, but in a good way. It was exciting and heartwarming. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 5."
- Cozy Nook Books, 5 Stars, full review HERE

"...I was blown away. Rich characterization, breathtaking setting, and poignant storyline all combined into a compelling, epic read that captured me emotionally from page one and never let go. The writing of Rula Sinara is impressive and I love her gentle warmth and humor." – The Power of Words, Highly Recommended, full review HERE

"Sinara writes with such a compelling, warm and witty voice. You can't help but be immediately drawn into the characters and their story." - Reading is My Superpower, 5 Stars, full review HERE

"In Every Serengeti Sunrise, the characters are bold, charismatic, daring and definitely not afraid to put themselves in danger." - RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars, full review HERE

Reviews for A Heartwarming Thanksgiving (anthology, including The Sweetheart Tree)

"You don’t want to miss out on reading this wonderful collection of stories!...I have yet to be disappointed in a Harlequin Heartwarming book and I really enjoyed this collection of 13 sweet Thanksgiving stories. Oh, and each story is followed by a mouthwatering recipes, too!" - Mel Ashman on Goodreads, 5 Stars, read full review HERE

"In The Sweetheart Tree by Rula Sinara, we are treated to a second chance romance with another heartwarming subplot. A couple of them actually – as well as some heartwrenchingly tough and important topics. Topping it off like the whipped cream on pumpkin pie is a thread that had the history geek in me grinning like a fool." - Reading is My Superpower, 5 Stars, read full review HERE

Reviews for Through the Storm (book 3, From Kenya, with Love):

"A romantic suspense story set in beautiful Africa....Rula Sinara is right on message with her riveting romance THROUGH THE STORM as wildlife is endangered to the point of extinction and the ivory mafia kill anyone who gets in their way." - Fresh Fiction, read full review HERE

"Superior Story Telling...Rula Sinara's series From Kenya With Love has completely captured me. Not only are her characters well-developed and always dealing with crisis, her atmosphere, research and description is superlative. From the first page, I had chills. I was hooked. Tessa was running from her husband, whom she suspected of being a member of the illegal Ivory black market, possibly a member of the Ivory mafia. But she was also responsible for her nephew, Nick, a grumbling, grieving teen whose parents had recently died in an accident.
The unraveling of the truth puts Tessa in danger. She escapes to Kenya where she must face Mac and the still-burning embers of their attraction to each other.
Rula Sinara's deft handling of Tessa's struggle with the fact that she's married, legally bound to her husband and her very real love for Mac brought tears to my eyes and also made me nervous for Tessa.
Stand up and cheer. This one is a must read for all romance readers."
 - Catherine Lanigan, author of Romancing the Stone & The Jewel of the Nile, 5 Stars, see Amazon review HERE

"WOW what a moving emotional story I fell into this one from the start the setting is just glorious the characters are strong and so full of life and so easy to love..." - Contemporary Romance Reviews, 5 Stars, read full review HERE

Reviews for A Heartwarming Christmas, including my novella in The Gingerbread Men trio of stories - The Gingerbird House: (A Heartwarming Christmas is a USA Today and Nationally Bestselling anthology)

"I highly recommend these three novellas if you love Christmas stories like I do...I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this boxed set." - Contemporary Romance Reviews, 5 Stars for The Gingerbread Men (read the entire review HERE)

"...This awesome novella is contagious, infectious, wholesome, inspiring and smartly written...These stories invite a soulful melody to your heart when reading about people you want to meet. Overall, The Gingerbread Men tickles your emotional side and leaves you with the satisfaction knowing that the characters have reached their deserving HEAs." - Goodreads Review by Amanda for The Gingerbread Men, 5 Stars, Highly Recommended, (read the entire review and more Goodreads reviews HERE)

"This is a really wonderful love story that developed between Lia and Quinn." - Goodreads by C. Steckling on The Gingerbird House, 5 Stars (read the entire review and more HERE)

"A delightful tale that makes you heart warm like hot chocolate does on a cold winter night and opens your heart to the holiday season." - Goodreads by Kelly Showalter on The Gingerbird House, 5 Stars (read the entire review and more HERE)

"All I can say is I love this collection! All the stories are sweet, fun, and clean. A perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit." - Amazon review of The Gingerbread Men stories, 5 Stars (read the entire review and more on Amazon HERE)

Reviews for After the Silence (book 2, From Kenya, with Love):

"With a gut-wrenching opening, After the Silence will grab readers from the first chapter. This is a lovely and moving story of a family trying to heal and a heroine who just might be the key." - RT Book Reviews, 4/5 Stars, (read the entire review HERE)

"The emotional intensity moved me to tears and made me choke up many times. Author Rula Sinara has a way with words that would take a reader right into her story-world and keep her entranced. Highly recommended for all readers." - Contemporary Romance Reviews, (read the entire review HERE)

"...The book includes journal entries that lend a greater depth to the story. I felt immediate empathy for this family and their pain. The author does a fabulous job immersing readers into the story and creating powerful scenes throughout. If you love stories of love and loss and second chances…don’t miss After The Silence." JoJo's Corner, 5 stars, (read the entire review HERE)

"I love her approach in addressing each topic and in the way she truly draws the reader into the story. The characters are very real and endearing and the scenes portrayed well and easily visualized." - Rockin' Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, (read the entire review + an interview HERE)

"...It felt authentic and I felt immersed in the story and the characters' lives....It was full of challenges, family, self-awakening, friendship, grief, and hope for a brighter future. I loved the romance and I loved these characters." - Wishful Endings, 4.5 Stars, (read the entire review HERE)

"...I could truly feel the emotional turmoil that the characters felt....A touching story that left me wanting to read more from this author." - WV Stitcher, (read the entire review HERE)

"The characters in After the Silence are very well-written, and you'll feel like they could be your neighbor or best friend. This story drew me in very quickly, and I finished it within 2 days. It is very realistic and moving. Having lost my husband, I know what it is like to lose a spouse..." - Christy's Cozy Corners, 'Highly recommend', (read the entire review HERE) 

"After the Silence is a sweet romance that tackles some tough issues as well. The intro gives readers a glimpse into the "what could have been", making the reality throughout the rest of the book even more heartbreaking...What happens through the rest of the book is a delightful read...There are some real challenges to telling a story that is so full of heartbreak. However, the author does a great job of bringing us readers along as the family recovers from their loss." - i blog 4 books, 4/5 Stars, (read the entire review HERE)

Reviews for The Promise of Rain: (A 2014 National Reader's Choice Award double finalist and winner of Best First Book, 2015 Book Buyers Best finalist, 2015 HOLT Medallion Award of Merit winner and 2015 Golden Quill Award Runner Up)

"Rose that rules all. Magnificent!!! I loved it and forever will!" -Top rating from Romancing the Book (read the whole review HERE)

"Rula's story was haunting and that is my personal highest rating, ever. Her depiction of Africa was majestic and so close to Karen Blitzen's OUT OF AFRICA, I had to battle tears to see the pages. Custody battles for children are far too often almost commonplace in our contemporary world, but the shredding of hearts and futures over the decisions made are far-reaching and damaging. Rula's deft handling of this story will give hope to many readers. I highly recommend this wonderful novel." - Catherine Lanigan, author of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, 5 stars, (read the review HERE)

"The Promise of Rain is exotic, vibrant, touching, tragic and hope-giving. The plight of the elephants will make you heartsick, but the fearless dedication of Anna and her crew will stir and reassure you, and the humor spicing the story delights. The romance between Jack and Anna is tender and tense, hostile and heartfelt, their realizations and resolutions well-motivated, well-plotted and thoroughly authentic. A unique and beautiful story about rescue, rediscovery, and the bonds that can break you as easily as they can define you." - USA Today's Happy Ever After, (read the whole review HERE)

"The backdrop settings were absolutely breathtaking! I was entranced at the descriptions of Africa and the poaching of elephants. I was transported to a truly whole other world with stunning, stunning STUNNING and vivid imaginations from the author....I highly recommend this fabulous, sweet and truly heartwarming read from a brilliant author! 'The promise of rain brings the power of a new life'" - Contemporary Romance Reviews, 5/5 stars, (read the whole review HERE)

"...the wonderful title’s promise comes with promises, an outpouring of repressed emotion and avowals of love and togetherness, masterfully steered by Sinara. Miss Bates was moved by Sinara’s characters and their emotional plight...Not since Miss B. sobbed over Donna Alward’s How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart has she been this sniffy and tissue-wielding....Sinara handles it so well. It’s as if passion is spent and the emotional storm has yet to be … as readers, we await, along with Jackson and Anna, for the “promise of rain.” " -  Miss Bates Reads Romance, (read the whole review HERE)

"This wonderful author writes with insight, humor and deep emotion about two people who both feel their way is the right way. You’ll laugh and cry as you root for these two wounded souls to heal so they can finally get their happily ever after. This is an amazing debut book and I look forward to many more heartwarming stories from Ms. Sinara." -
C.Opalinski, Goodreads Review, 5 stars, (read the whole review HERE)

"Rula Sinara writes like an old hand. Scenes come to life vividly and the characters are portrayed in a very realistic way - you can't help but care about what happens." - Dawn, Goodreads Review, 5 stars, (read the whole review HERE)

"I absolutely love that Sinara was able to build such a creative and visionary place for my mind. I empathized with those sweet baby elephants and with the funding crisis Anna and her team were having." - Lisa, from Dizneeee's World of Books, 4 stars, (read the whole review HERE)