Organic Gardening

Luna Moth on my doorstep

Confession: My boys call me a tree-hugger. Yep. I've never actually hugged a tree, nor have I lived in or strapped myself to one, but I do love them. While some enjoy shopping for shoes, I enjoys tree shopping...hence, the nickname.

I'm passionate about organic gardening. I'm not perfect by any means (I do drive a car and leave a carbon footprint etc...) but I do take pride in doing what I can to give back to wildlife and the environment.

I'll be adding organic gardening tips and pics from my own garden, but in the meantime, check out a couple of related posts I've done, one at my blog and a recent one at the Heartwarming Authors blog.

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My Backyard Chickens, Coop Building and Hawk Attacks (Note: Owning chickens means that I now get fresh, organic eggs daily, all the rich, organic compost I want for my garden and lots of joy from my flock :)

More to come!